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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: Dream World” Collaboration with luz to commemorate his new album! Featuring new limited collaboration characters!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the collaboration with the musician “luz” for the smartphone game “18: Dream World” starting from 18:00 on June 28th.


Collaboration between musician “luz” × “18: Dream World”!

Special Collaboration Site:
Event period: June 28, 2017 (18:00) – July 18, 2017 (23:59) (Planned)

■Featuring new collaboration characters supervised by luz!

Not only will the limited character based on luz from the previous collaboration be reissued, new limited characters will be featured as well! These characters have all been supervised by the man himself and can be acquired in the collaboration stage as well as the collaboration gacha! Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity!

Furthermore, all luz divers will feature his actual voice and the limited character “Prisoner of Eternity luz” will include luz’s latest song “doll”.

img_luz_lp_diver_170628_06 img_luz_lp_diver_170628_01 img_luz_lp_diver_170628_04 img_luz_lp_diver_170628_03 img_luz_lp_diver_170628_02

* “Blue Rose luz” can be earned in the collaboration stage while all the other characters are available with the collaboration gacha.
* The song that comes with “Prisoner of Eternity luz” will be automatically deleted at the end of the collaboration period.

■The luz collaboration stage to be reissued!

The luz stage from the previous collaboration will be reissued during the event period and will feature his song “doll” included in his latest album. Additionally, you have the random chance to earn the boss character “Blue Rose luz” as a collaboration character when you beat the stage.luzスクショ修正版

■A new nightmare stage featuring luz!

For a limited time during the event, you will be able to challenge the nightmare stage of the collaboration quest aimed at experienced players. If you can succesfully beat the stage, you will be rewarded with a “luz premium ticket”. This ticket guarantees you with one of the limited collaboration characters when you spend it on the exclusive gacha!

* The luz premium ticket can be won from the mission after beating the nightmare stage of the collaboration quest.

■Promo event to commemorate the collaboration!

Event period: June 28, 2017 (18:00) – July 18, 2017 (23:59) (Planned)

<Giving away illustration of the collaboration character!>
Three lucky winners will be able to win an illustration of the limited collaboration character “Prisoner of Eternity luz”!
* Please check the speciall collaboration site ( for how to enter the lottery.

<Register on LINE and get an exclusive wallpaper!>
If you register the official LINE account of “18: Dream World” (@18puzzle) as a friend during the collaboration event, you will receive an exclusive wallpaper for free!
The wallpaper from the previous collaboration will also be reissued so don’t miss it!
* Those who have already registered the official account are eligible to receive the wallpaper as well.

luz壁紙_sample luz

<Tweet and get a Sheep Drink!>
If you tweet from the special mission within the game during the collaboration event, we will give you a free Sheep Drink.

About “luz”

A male singer who started his career through social media. His first video was posted back in 2010 on a video service site.
After performing in various live shows such as the EXIT TUNES ACADEMY, he started gaining recognition and popularity and eventually released his first album “tWoluz” on October 2014.
In February 2015, he embarked on the “XYZ TOUR” which he himself took part in the production and planning. He would go on to release his second album “Labyrinth” on October of the same year and this album reached number 3 on the Oricon Weekly Ranking chart.
In June 2016 he went on his first solo live tour titled “1st TOUR –GENESIS-“.
In June 28th of 2017, he released “Reflexion” an album featuring all newly written songs, and went on an nationwide tour titled “luz 2nd TOUR –Reflexion-“ from July of that year.
Through his various collaborations with other musicians, he has gained much popularity and influence within the scene as he continues to increase his fan base.