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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: Dream World” Collaboration featuring the popular cosplayer “Enako” Official “18: Dream World” cosplay to be featured!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the collaboration with the popular cosplayer “Enako” for the smartphone app “18: Dream World” starting on June 16 (Fri), 2017.


Collaboration between “Enako” × “18: Dream World”

Special Collaboration Site:
Event period: June 16, 2017 (18:00) – July 13, 2017 (23:59) (Planned)

■Featuring a collaboration quest with Enako!

During the event, the Enako Collaboration Diver will appear as a boss charater! You will be able to enjoy an original story only available during this event.

Furthermore, if you clear the collaboration quest, you will be randomly awarded with the collaboration diver “Devilish Theif Enako” if you are lucky. The limited collaboration divers all feature her voice so try to beat the quest and earn the reward!


<★6 Dark Attribute – Devilish Theif Enako>

■ Official 18: Dream World cosplay “Devilish Prisoner Enako” coming soon!

We have chosen to create an actual costume of the limited collaboration diver “Devilish Prisoner Enako”! Photos of Enako herself actually dressed in the costume will be released soon! They will be featured on the special collaboration site and within the game so please look forward to it!

* Please check the special collaboration site ( for details.

■Enako featured as a limited collaboration diver!

Enako will appear as a limited collaboration diver during the event period. All of the divers based on her will feature her voice!


<★7 Light & Dark Attribute – Devilish Prisoner Enako>


<★6 Light Attribute – Devilish Nurse Enako>


<★6 Dark Attribute – Devilish Instructor Enako>

■Promo event to commemorate the collaboration!

<Tweet and get a Sheep Drink!>
If you tweet from the special mission within the game during the collaboration event, we will give you a free Sheep Drink.

<Send the keyword to the official 18: Dream World LINE@ account and receive a Dream Candy!>
If you send the keyword “Enako Collaboration” to the official LINE@ account during the collaboration event, we will give you a free Dream Candy.


<About the cosplayer “Enako”>

Born January 22nd, 1994. A cosplayer who also does modelling, voice acting as well as appearing on TV shows.

・Professional cosplayer popular in Japan and around the world
・Twitter followers: Over 280,000
・Instagram followers: Over 180,000