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mobcast to establish “JP IP GLOBAL ASIA FUND” (tentative) a joint investment management company specializing in the IP of Japanese anime with LUN PARTNERS. Both companies establish preparation rooms for this joint venture

mobast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce that an agreement to establish a joint investment management company with LUN PARTNERS GROUP LIMITED (hereby referred to as LUN PARTNERS) has been finalized. This joint venture will feature the “JP IP GLOBAL ASIA FUND (tentative)” a fund specialized in the IP (intellectual property) of Japanese anime titles and both companies have now founded preparation rooms for the JIP FUND in their offices.

This joint venture has been established with the following goal:
Providing financial support through the JIP FUND as well as supporting the international development of the gaming industry through collaborating with mobcast’s global gaming business to further develop and improve the IP value and profitability of Japanese anime – a field that is internationally regarded as one of the most acclaimed cultures of modern day Japan.

Investment target:

  • Acquisition of the rights to create games of anime IP.
  • Investment towards anime production committees (to acquire the rights to create games)
  • Investment towards the game development project of the IP acquired in ① and ②.

We estimate that the scale of this fund will be around 3 billion yen.
Based on the basic agreement with LUN PARTNERS signed in November, both companies have been carefully reviewing the contents of the JIP FUND as well as of this joint venture. In order to speed up the preparations, both companies have established preparation rooms in their offices. mobcast will start conducting marketing activities towards investments to acquire the rights to create games off of anime IP, while LUN PARTNERS will start recruiting limited partners for the JIP FUND.

Additionally, this joint venture is due to be established during the first quarter of 2017 so that sufficient preparations can be made to assure high profitability. Due to the establishment of preparation rooms in both companies, the plan to advance business development is going smoothly as scheduled.


<Comment from LUN PARTNERS>
We are currently actively working on the formation of the JIP FUND as well as the collaboration with mobcast for the joint IP venture.

Ever since we reached a basic agreement in November, we have carried out advanced presentations to influential LPs so that we can form the JIP FUND as planned and have great expectations for the future. Furthermore, both companies have established a preparation room to integrate our task force teams in order to accelerate the establishment of this JV as well as the JIP FUND.

We hope to work tightly together with mobcast to create a new global market value for games based on Japanese anime IPs.


LUN PARTNERS are an investment management company based in Shanghai that invest to advanced corporations that globally promote Fintech (Financial technology), Edtech (Educational technology), and Entech (Entertainment technology). Other than making investments, LUN PARTNERS support innovative technologies from overseas, creating business models in the greater China region, market development and localization, creating synergy effects, and strive to build industrial ecosystems for all the areas invested so that the value of the invested companies will increase.