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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: The Puzzle that Connects to You” Voice Actress Rie Takahashi is the new voice! Starring in our exclusive Christmas event!!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) is proud to announce a special Christmas event for our smartphone game “18: The Puzzle that Connects to You” (referred to hereafter as “18: Puzzle”) featuring voice actress Rie Takahashi starting today, Monday, December 19, 2016 from 18:00.


■CV Rie Takahashi appears as the voice of “High-Tech Santa Eistein”!

Appearing at the Christmas event will be the new diver, High-Tech Santa Einstein, voiced by Rie Takahashi. High-Tech Santa Einstein is the Christmas version of Einstein the popular character in “18: Puzzle” You’ll love High-Tech Santa Einstein played adorably by Rie Takahashi.
Christmas event period: 18:00 (Mon) December 19 – 23:59 (Sat) December 31, 2016


<★7 (Fire attribute) High-tech Santa Eistein>

※Other divers will be available along with the Christmas diver.

■Rie Takahashi’s voice is added to the popular character “Einstein”!

Rie Takahashi adds her voice to “Rare Talent Einstein,” “Rare Genius Einstein,” and “Choco-Machine Einstein”! You’ll love her appealing voice which differs from “High-Tech Santa Einstein” of the Christmas version.

An “Einstein Gacha” will be available to commemorate the addition of Rie Takahashi’s voce. “Choco-machine Einstein” which is a Valentine exclusive returns for this event only! Don’t miss this opportunity!

chB_0391 <★5 Light Attribute – Rare Talent Einstein>

chB_0392  <★6 Light Attribute – Rare Genius Einstein>

chB_2421<★6 Light Attribute – Choco-Machine Einstein>

* This Rare Genius Einstein is after evolution.

■Special giveaway of an poster autographed by Rie Takahashi!


One raffle winner will receive a poster of High-Tech Santa Einstein personally signed by Rie Takahashi.

Entry period
18:00 (Mon) December 19 – 23:59 (Sat) December 23, 2016

* Please check the “18: Puzzle” appfor entry details.


<Rie Takahashi Profile>


Birthday: February 27
Affiliated with 81 Produce

~Notable roles~
“Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World-“ (as Emilia)
“Maho Girls Precure!” (as Mirai Asahina/Cure Miracle)
“School-Live!” (as Miki Naoki)
“KonoSuba-God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” (as Megumin)
and many others


<Overview of “18: Dream World”>
Genre: Mysterious Puzzle RPG
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