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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: A Puzzle that Connects to You” Collaboration with “Noragami ARAGOTO” Collaboration divers and collaboration stages will appear

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) is proud to announce the collaboration event between our smartphone game “18: A Puzzle that Connects to You” (referred to hereafter as “18: Puzzle”) and the TV animation “Noragami ARAGOTO” starting today, December 12, 2016 (Mon) from 18:00.


Noragami ARAGOTO × 18: Puzzle!

Special Collaboration Site:
Collaboration period:18:00 (Mon) December 12 – 23:59 (Sun) December 25, 2016 (Planned)

■ Collaboration characters from “Noragami ARAGOTO”!

During this event, we are introducing the characters of “Noragami ARAGOTO” into “18: Puzzle.” They are all popular characters in the comic and will appear as useful divers with

夜ト・進化後<★7 Dark Attribute – Yato>

壱岐 ひより・進化後

<★6 Fire Attribute – Hiyori Iki>


<★6 Water Attribute – Yukine>

*These illustrations are after evolution. There will be other collaboration characters available as well.

Collaboration quests with Izanami and Bishamon (Ai) will be available!

“Noragami ARAGOTO” x “18:Puzzle” collaboration quests are only during the event period!

イザナミ(ひより イザナミ

There is a slight chance that you will receive the character “Izanami” if you clear a collaboration stage. Also, it’s possible to earn a special point with each quest you clear to acquire “Bishamon (Ai).” Play the collaboration stages to earn an exclusive diver!


<★5 Dark Attribute – Izanami>


<★5 Light Attribute – Bishamon (Ai)>

* “Bishamon (Ai) can be acquired with points earned in the collaboration quest.
* There are no points in guerilla quests.

■1x a day exclusive! Clear the guerrilla quest each day and get a Sheep Drink!!


★5 Dark Attribute – Aiha>


You can get a Sheep Drink when you clear a stage in the guerilla stage, and there’s a chance to acquire Aiha!“Noragami ARAGOTO” x “18:Puzzle” guerrilla quests will be available once a day!
A Sheep Drink is a game item that helps you recover your AP. There are 14 chances, so you can acquire up to 14 Sheep Drinks!

■ “Noragami ARAGOTO” Special Collaboration Promotion

<Tweet and get a Sheep Drink!>

If you tweet from the special mission within the “18: Puzzle” game during the collaboration event, we will give you a free Sheep Drink.
Furthermore, we will give 18 Sheep Drinks to 10 lucky winners who tweet during the event!


< About “Noragami ARAGOTO”>
Always dressed in a black tracksuit and a scarf, Yato is a destitute, lesser god without a shrine.

In order to build his own shrine, he acts as a “delivery god” and charges five yen to help others in need.

He encounters Hiyori Iki when she saves him from an auto accident. Hiyori, the daughter of an old, established family, is a ”hanyou (one whose soul frequently slips out of her body).” In addition, Yato meets Yukine, a youth he takes in as his “shinki,” a weapon used by gods. Together, the trio battle corrupted spirits who harm humans, and deepen their bonds along the way.

Meanwhile, Yato is constantly targeted by “Bishamon,” the powerful goddess of combat and one of the seven gods of good fortune.

What is the secret of their past, and where will it lead them…?

©Adachitoka・Kodansha/Noragami ARAGOTO Production Committee

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