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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: Dream World” Ver3.0.0! Update including Chapter 2! Free “★6 Guaranteed Gacha Ticket” to all who login during the period!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the Ver3.0.0 update of the popular smartphone app “18: Dream World” featuring the inclusion of Chapter 2 of the main quest on December 6th (Tue), 2016.


– Chapter 2 of the Main Quest! –
Chapter 2 of the main quest will be distributed starting from December 6 (Tue).
Look forward to the distribution beginning right after maintance is complete!

■Overview of Chapter 2 of the main quest

One year after the “Sleeping Beauty” incidents, various strange violent incidents started occuring.
These incidents were thought to be unrelated until a common point was found among the victims, which was that they all believed that they were living inside a dream.
In this city of deep dreams, you must unvail the mysteries of “18” by solving the case…

<New Egos>
Introducing new pixalated Egos created by the distortion of the world!


In Chapter 2 the protagonist is back stronger with ★6!


Yurina back after a year from the incident.
In Chapter 2, Yurina will have to overcome troubles and conflicts…


An exclusive diver of the DD Department of the Cabinet Research Office. His objective is to prevent terrorists in the dream world. He visits the Kanzaki lab to investigate the connection between the disappearance of the doctor and the irregularities in the dream world.


A navigation character for the app “Dream Door”.
She guides app users to a deeper realm of the dream world.


【Blood Horns】
A color gang that rules the city of Bukuro in the dream world


■Special Event to celebrate the release of Chapter 2

<Login to receive a ★6 Guaranteed Gacha Ticket!>


We are giving away a free ★6 Guaranteed Gacha Ticket to everyone to commemorate the release of Chapter 2!
Available until: December 31, 2016

<Clear the mission and receive a [New Chapter] Dream World Ticket!>


Complete the mission to get the [New Chapter] Dream World Ticket! Collect three [New Chapter Celebration Gacha] tickets to spin the gacha!
The ticket can be used after the release of Chapter 2 on December 6.

*Unused gacha tickets will be erased after January 2017.
*You can confirm your ticket at Menu > Player Info.

Mission Content:
・Clear the target stage in the main quest
・Try to invite 1-3 friends
・Collect crowns
・Clear the target stage in the challenge gate
Period: Until December 14 (Wed) 23:59

<Earn daily! New login promotion event!>
We are holding a login promotion event to commemorate the release of Chapter 2.
Login during the event period to receive a “[New Chapter] Dream World Ticket” every day! Receive as many as you can by logging on every day!
Period: December 6 (Tue) 18:00 – December 14 (Wed) 23:59

Check out these other promotions that will be available!
・Increased success rate of Diver Fusion
・Daily Quest drops doubled
・Dream Master points doubled

■Ver3.0.0 Update

After the update has been completed, we will be giving away one Dream Drop to all users.
*The receipt deadline is within one week after the update maintance day.

<Updated contents>
・Fixed the MAX EXP for the User RANK
・MAX User RANK increased to up to 600
・Added a gallery for scenario pictures
・Adjustment of Puzzle UI
・Adjustment of Dream Masters layout
・Added a Dream Master Wing Emblem to the Ranking display
・Automatically displays the attribute of the partner selected previously
・Added a multiple gacha button for the ticket gacha
・Changed the design of the silver treasure box and added a rainbow treasure box
・Added a digit separator for various numeric displays
・Fixed the damage for attacks of Divers with dual attributes


<Overview of “18: Dream World”>
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