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SEKAI NO OWARI × LUMINES Releasing the iOS version of the SEKAI NO OWARI PACK with a free giveaway of autographed goods!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the international release of the iOS version of the collaboration pack of “LUMINES Puzzle & Music” (hereby referred to as “LUMINES”) and the popular Japanese band “SEKAI NO OWARI” on November 17, 2016 (Japan time).


There are 5 songs by SEKAI NO OWARI included in the collaboration pack (*1) and each song will feature visuals (skin) that faithfully represent the meaning of the songs.

*1 The cost will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate

■Giving away autographed SEKAI NO OWARI goods to lucky winners!

To commemorate the release of the SEKAI NO OWARI PACK, we plan to give away items autographed by SEKAI NO OWARI to lucky winners who achieve the target score.
Please check the official LUMINES site for more details.

Event starts: November 22, 2016 – 15:00 (Planned)

* The details of this event will be announced on the official LUMINES site on the day of the release.
* This event is exclusive to Japan.
* Please note that the starting date of the event may change.


■Promotional video for SEKAI NO OWARI PACK released!



■Songs included in the SEKAI NO OWARI PACK (Total of 5)

・Moonlight Station –REMIX-
・Death Disco
・Dragon Night in English

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Official site:
Price: Free-to-play
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