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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: Dream World” Part 3 of Artist Collaboration to feature luz! Featuring an advanced preview of the collaboration song “R-18”!

mobcast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the release of the 2nd stage of Part 3 of the Artist Collaboration of the smartphone game “18: Dream World”, featuring the musician “luz” starting from 18:00 on November 16, 2016.


■Collaboration between musician ”luz” × “18: Dream World”!

Special collaboration site:

Part 3 of Artist Collaboration event period:
・2nd STAGE ”luz”: November 16, 2016 (18:00) – December 4, 2016 (23:59) (Planned)

■The luz collaboration stage will feature an advanced preview of his new song “R-18”!

luz has written an exclusive new song for “18: Dream World” called “R-18”, and players will be able to hear a segment of the song while playing the collaboration quest.

Furthermore, if you clear the stage, you have the random chance to win the collaboration boss character “Blue Rose luz”.

キャプチャ luzスクショ修正版

■Exclusive collaboration characters supervised by luz himself!

Introducing brand new characters based on the musician luz! All the characters have been supervised by luz himself and feature character voices. Furthermore, the character “Black Light luz” allows you to listen up to the first chorus of the collaboration song “R-18”. These collaboration characters can be acquired in the collaboration stages and collaboration gacha, so don’t miss out on this exclusive chance!


 <★6 Black Light luz – Dark & Light Attribute>             


 <★6 Dream Fire luz – Fire Attribute>



<★6 Elegant Poet luz – Water Attribute>         

04_luz_2500x2500 <★5 Blue Rose luz – Light Attribute>

* “Blue Rose luz” can be earned in the collaboration stage and all other characters are available on the collaboration gacha.

* The collaboration song for “Black Light luz” can only be listened to during the event period and will be deleted.


■Part 3 of Artist Collaboration event and giveaway!

<Giving away two illustrations of collaboration characters!>

One lucky winner will win an illustration of the luz collaboration character!
Enter the contest by accessing the special collaboration site and tweeting from the Twitter submission button. We will randomly choose one special winner from those who have tweeted.

RAHWIA_luz_光属性_sample有り  RAHWIA_luz_2属性_sample有り

* The winners will be notified via DM from the official account by December 16, 2016.
* We plan to send the present to the winner around mid-January of 2017.


<Register on LINE and get an exclusive wallpaper!>
If you register the official LINE account of “18: Dream World” (@18puzzle) as a friend during the collaboration event, you will receive an exclusive wallpaper for free!
* Those who have already registered the official account are eligible to receive the wallpaper as well.



<Tweet and get a Sheep Drink!>
If you tweet from the special mission within the game during the collaboration event, we will give you a free Sheep Drink.
Furthermore, we will give 18 Sheep Drinks to 10 lucky winners who tweet during the event!


<About luz>


2010: Uploaded his first video to a video sharing site.
October 2014: First album “tWoluz” released on a major label.
October 2015: Second album “Labyrinth” reaches 3rd on the ORICON weekly chart.
October 2016: First solo tour “luz 1st TOUR -GENESIS-“.
He has appeared in various live events such as the EXIT TUNES ACADEMY and XYZ TOUR.
His singing skills as well as his unique aesthetics makes him a prominent vocalist in the scene.
Currently (as of October 2016) has over 260,000 followers on Twitter.


<Overview of “18: Dream World”>
Genre: Mysterious Puzzle RPG
Official site:
iOS:   Android: