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Mysterious Puzzle RPG “18: Dream World” A brand new VR trailer “18: Dream World VR” directed by Koji Morimoto out now! The mysterious project “The Art of 18” starts!

mobcaast inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Koki Yabu) are proud to announce the release of the VR trailer “18: Dream World VR” created in collaboration with one of Japan’s finest visual artist Koji Morimoto, for the popular smartphone game “18: Dream World”.


■An amazing VR trailer directed by Koji Morimoto packed with meticulous visuals and sound! 

“The Art of 18” is a VR trailer created by Koji Morimoto based on the “dream world” which is the setting of this game. It is a digital artwork that has been created through the combination of VR technology, the artistic visuals of the director Morimoto, and the minimal and yet deep techno sound of this game.

This trailer can be fully enjoyed by wearing a VR goggle for smartphones or a HMD for PC, along with headphones, and immersing yourself in the “dream world” created out of 360 degrees of detailed graphics and panoramic sounds that stimulate your senses.

This is the first piece for the new project “The Art of 18” for “18: Dream World”. “The Art of 18” is a mysterious project that will involve numerous collaborations with artistic creators from various forms of media. Look forward for future collaborations!

Please check the official site linked below for details on how you can view the VR trailer.

“The Art of 18” official site:


[About Koji Morimoto]
Koji Morimoto (Born 1959 in Wakayama, Japan) is a Japanese animation director, videographer, visual creator, art director, and a visiting scholar of Kyoto Seika University.

Working as the assistant animation director for the acclaimed “Akira”, he would go on to direct works such as “Memories (Magnetic Rose)”, “EXTRA” (music video), “The Animatrics”, “Genius Party Beyond (Dimension Bomb)”, the opening segment of “SHORT PEACE”, etc.

His accolades include the Excellence Award of The Japan Media Arts Festival’s Digital Art Division, First Prize of the Multimedia Grand Prix’s CG Division, Silver Award at the Cannes International Creativity Festival’s Cyber Division, etc.



■Your chance to win the “18: Dream World VR” experience pack!
To commemorate the release of “18: Dream World VR”, we will give away a set of smartphone VR goggle and a wireless Bluetooth headphone to ten lucky winners so that they may fully enjoy the VR trailer.
Please check the official site of “The Art of 18” for details on the application method.


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