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Principle of Personal Information Protection

mobcast inc. (hereinafter the “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) engages in business activities centering mobile content and mobile content-related business. The Company recognizes that personal information obtained from you through business activities (hereinafter “Personal Information”) is very important information assets for us, and it is essential social responsibility for us to protect such Personal Information securely.

Accordingly, the Company will handle Personal Information obtained through business activities in accordance with the following guidelines, and will provide you with a “sense of security” and fulfill the social responsibility regarding the protection of Personal Information.


    1 .On acquisition/use of Personal Information
    * We will obtain Personal Information by lawful, justifiable means.
    * We will use Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve utilization purposes.
    * We will not engage in any unintended use of Personal Information obtained. We will take measures to prevent unintended use.
    * If any unintended use is required, we will obtain the consent to the new utilization purpose, prior to use.

    2. We will, with respect to laws, regulations, national guidelines and other standards (hereinafter “Legislation”), strive to grasp at all times Legislation related to businesses handling Personal Information, and will comply with them, and make them known to employees engaging in our business (hereinafter “Employees”) and business partners.

    3. On safety management of Personal Information
    * We will take appropriate measures for computers, networks, facilities and equipment in order to prevent leakage.
    * We will prepare against disasters and failure in order to make sure to prevent loss and damage. We will also make a backup of information in preparation for emergency.
    * We will conduct inspections, correct any discovered violation, incidents or accidents promptly, and take preventive measures for weaknesses.
    * We will thoroughly educate Employees and business partners with respect to safety.

    4. We will respond to inquiries in an appropriate, prompt manner.

    5. On continuing improvement
    * The Company provides a personal information protection management system that will monitor and inspect compliance situations of internal regulations, and strive to discover any violation, incidents, accidents or weaknesses, and that will be reviewed by the management, so that the Personal Information Protection Policy should be achieved. Such review will be reflected on control measures and internal regulations, with the aim of continuously improving the personal information protection management system.
    * The improvement will be implemented in compliance with Legislation and JIS Q 15001.

Established on January 19, 2011
mobcast inc.
Koki Yabu, Representative Director

On Handling of Personal Information

1. Utilization purposes of Personal Information

Before obtaining Personal Information from you, the Company will specify the utilization purpose of the Personal Information, and will use it within that utilization purpose.
If we need to use your Personal Information beyond the scope of the utilization purpose specified in advance, we will notify you of the fact, and obtain your consent prior to use.
The utilization purposes of Personal Information are as follows:

* To respond to inquiries or requests from you;
* Use for provision of our services, responding by telephone or e-mail to inquiries and consultation, distribution of e-mail magazines, provision of information on products/services, questionnaires, and confirmation for accounting audits;
* Use within a necessary scope for contracted service of system development/management/maintenance, and use for the performance of its contract;
* To perform obligations and exercise rights in transactions with an outsourcer, and to collect or communicate information necessary for business;
* Use for recruitment, worker dispatching, screening of job seekers including through employment agencies, and communication to those candidates; and
* Confirmation for affairs related to the salary management, personnel/labor management, social insurance, health care, and welfare programs etc. for employees (including officers, regular employees, loan employees, temporary workers, contract employees and part-time workers etc.).

We will give notice of utilization purposes each time in the case of the provision of products/services, or at the time of interviewing or employment.

* Provision of Personal Information

The Company will not disclose or provide your Personal Information to any third party, except for the following cases:

* When you consent to it;
* When required under legislation, or to protect human life, body, or property and where it is difficult to obtain your consent;
* When we entrust the handling of Personal Information to the extent necessary for the achievement of utilization purposes; or
* When we undergo a merger, corporate split-up, business transfer, or business succession due to other reasons.

– Details on personal information to be obtained and purpose of use

– We may ask you to provide your e-mail address for the following purposes from (1) – (2) above before you start using our service.

(1) Use for the purpose of creating the profile
Information, including the name, gender, and birthday you registered with our service, is used to create your profile page. Using our service means you agree that the contents of your profile page can be viewed by other users.

(2) Use for communication among customers
We provide functions, such as a bulletin board, to promote more active communication among users. These functions allow you to transmit various information for communication with other customers. Information you have given voluntarily on pages other than your profile page can be browsed by anyone other than the users of our service unless otherwise arbitrarily restricted. Accordingly, as disclosure of personal information, such as names and contacts, may cause all sorts of trouble, please refrain from disclosure unless it’s really necessary. If it causes any sort of trouble, we are not responsible for it. Please use it within the scope of your responsibility.

(3) Use for smoother communication between our customers and us
Your e-mail address that you registered with our service is used as a means of communication when we provide our service information, notifications, and daily new notification e-mail as seeming beneficial to our customers or we reasonably judge that we need to contact you for any reason.

(4) Use for smoother communication with those other than customers
Information, such as the name and e-mail address you registered with our service, is used when you use the invitation function to invite friends to join our service.

(5) Statistical information to be collected to improve our service
Please note that statistical information obtained from collectively processed data that do not identify an individual, such as access logs and history with our service, may be collected to improve the quality of our service, understand our customers’ preferences, and optimize advertisements and shared with a third party.

(6) Volunteer provision of information by customer
We or third parties cooperating with us may ask you to enter your personal information for questionnaires and campaigns. It is your responsibility to accept or refuse the provision of information for services other than above. In that case, we shall clarify again the purpose of use of information you provided and appropriately handle the information within the scope of the purpose.

* On entrustment of the handling of Personal Information

The Company may, within the scope of “utilization purposes of Personal Information” set forth in paragraph 1, entrust business involving the handling of Personal Information to a consignee with whom the Company has entered into a confidentiality agreement and memorandum.
Regarding the consignee, the Company will select a company satisfying the standards set out by us concerning the protection of Personal Information, will implement periodical management/supervision, and will protect Personal Information in cooperation with the external consignee.

* Procedure for disclosure request

The Company will respond to the following requests appropriately and promptly when a customer requests it by himself/herself through the procedure for disclosure request prescribed by us. Please note that we may request from you actual expenses as a fee for disclosure.

* Request for disclosure;
* Request for notice of the utilization purpose;
* Request for correction;
* Request for addition;
* Request for erasure; or
* Request for the discontinuance of use or provision to third parties.
* Precaution

Please note that if you do not provide your Personal Information to us, the Company may not provide our services, or respond to your inquiry or request smoothly.

* Use of statistical data

The Company may create statistical data based on Personal Information obtained from customers, with the information being processed so that individuals are not identified. The Company may use, without any restrictions, statistical data that do not identify individuals.

* Other matters ・The “Personal Information Protection Policy” and the “On Handling of Personal Information” apply to our handing of Personal Information within Japan. ・Please note in advance that you may be unable to use part of the services provided by us (including services in websites operated by us) when you do not provide your Personal Information. ・When you call our customer support for inquiries or other matters, the Company may record conversations in order not to miss your requests. ・The Company may use cookies and web beacons with the aim of providing better services in our websites. ・The Company will not be responsible for the handling of your Personal Information in websites of any other company that provide a link to our website. ・The “Personal Information Protection Policy” and the “On Handling of Personal Information” may be revised to improve the handling of Personal Information, or incidental to enactment or amendment of legislation or other standards.

Please contact the following address about requests for disclosure of Personal Information or complaints:

Contact point for complaints and consultation about the handling and disclosure of Personal Information

STEP Roppongi 4F, 6-8-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Person in charge of contact point for complaints and consultation