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    On its website, the Group has published instructional rules for safe use written in plain text so that minors can comprehend them as well.
    As a result of these measures, the Group recognizes that safety and soundness of the services provided have been kept to a certain extend.
    However, if any problems were to occur within the services provided, in addition to the possibility of legal liability, trust in the Group, its services, and its brand itself may be impaired. This, in turn, may affect the Group’s business development and operating results.

Efforts of Soundness strengthening

The Group recognizes that providing services that users can use with a peace of mind will improve reliability and contribute to the sustainable development of its business. For the sake of youth protection and to maintain and promote the soundness of its services, the Group is implementing measures such as the following:

  1. Systematic Response
    Word censorship – Prohibition of inappropriate and wrongful words
    Mini-mail limitations – Users who are minors can only exchange mini-mails with other minors

  2. Post Monitoring System
    Post content is verified 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  3. Prohibition and Countermeasures Against RMT (Real Money Trade)
    The Group prohibits RMT and regularly patrols auction websites, responding promptly upon discovering improper items or bids. RMT prevention measures have also been introduced into to the game system.
  4. Blacklist
    In order to prevent the increasing of troublesome behavior, the Group provides the ability for users who have been the victim of harassment to blacklist their perpetrators.
  5. Ban
    Improper conduct or behavior within the community (anti-social behavior, displays of obscenity or violence, sexual advances, commercial acts, posting personal information, vandalism, etc.) will result in suspension from the community. The Group implements a strict ban on other violations of its rules.
  6. Spending Restrictions
    Users under 18 years of age (registered age on the Group’s services) are restricted to spending no more than 10,800 yen (including tax) a month.
    In addition, a portion of the Group’s games restricts users under 18 years of age to spending no more than 3,240 yen (including tax) a month. Furthermore, the Group has also introduced a mechanism that displays a warning when monthly spending exceeds a certain level.
  7. Safety and Security Committee
    For the sake of youth protection and in an effort towards maintaining and promoting the soundness of its services, the Group regularly holds “Safety and Security Committee” meetings where measures towards strengthening the soundness of its user environment are discussed.


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