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“Bringing Excite-tainment to the World”

At Mobcast we have developed two divisions in order to fulfill our vision of “bringing excite-tainment to the world”: the Browser Platform Division and the Global Game Division (formerly the Native Game Division and the Overseas Division).

Regarding the Browser Platform Division, since February 2010 we have specialized in sports games, providing the “mobcast” service. Since having gained a substantial number of members, we have formed a business partnership with Mynet Inc., who has shown great results in the game management growth platform. In order to achieve further growth, we plan to combine the strengths of both our companies in providing our services.

Furthermore, in order to focus on our Global Game Division and realize our vision of “bringing excite-tainment to the world,” we have decided to recreate our CI (Corporate Identity). Expanding beyond the image of “Mobcast = sports” that we have held until now, we are confident that we have created a company-wide CI with “excitement,” “entertainment,” and “global” as its keywords.

Under our new CI, we are currently working with our unique development system MSGD (Mobcast Style Game Development). MSGD refers to Mobcast’s linear development of high-quality (D3) games within Japan, based on our unique criteria, which are then distributed globally. Furthermore, we will strengthen our development capabilities, allowing us to challenge ourselves in new fields such as VR/AR. We are confident that through MSGD we will bring excite-tainment to the world.

We believe that “people” are important to making MSGD a reality. In our hopes of recruiting human resources of the highest level from all over the world and expanding our circle of friends, we will use our own methods to create “professional contracts.” These contracts will support diverse ways of working and place a focus on achievements while evaluating “skills” and “values,” which we believe are synonymous with “Mobcast.” In addition to this, we will pay attention to our online customers’ needs, and our employees will continue to tackle day-to-day business with consideration and hospitality.

Under our company mission of “using entertainment content to bring a little fun into everyday life all across the world!”, with our bright and positive members, we will create an organization of smiles, pride, and growth. Furthermore, we promise to become a company that will “bring excite-tainment to the world.”

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